• FAB-MH-0295 (100% Cotton)
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  • FAB-MH-0295 (100% Cotton)
Christmas Visions, by Choice Fabrics. This line of holiday fabric is absolutely gorgeous! The cloth feels luxurious and durable, while the colors appear vivid and rich. With many busy designs within this holiday line, we arrive at a pattern that could be used as a blendable, or even on its own. Deep greys mix together in a style resembling that of finger painting. This particular pattern is one of the few that does not feature metallic ink. We are excited to hear your opinions! Please consider leaving feedback about this fabric for others who are also considering it.

FAB-MH-0295 (100% Cotton)

  • Brand: Choice Fabrics
  • Product Code: FAB-MH-0295
  • Fabric Width: Approx. 44 in.
  • Yards Remaining: 7.5
  • $7.99 /yard

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FAB-MH-0294 (100% Cotton)

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