• FAB-MH-0426 (100% Cotton)
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  • FAB-MH-0426 (100% Cotton)
Choice Fabrics 100% cotton patriotic print, made in the U.S.A. We aren't sure what substance the designer of this material was enjoying when this print was produced, but it is certainly an interesting patriotic design! The funhouse mirror style American flags sit atop a blue background with distressed stars in red and white. This pattern will also work in a horizontal configuration. Try the "rotate fabric" button above to see the pattern at a different angle.

FAB-MH-0426 (100% Cotton)

  • Brand: Choice Fabrics
  • Product Code: FAB-MH-0426
  • Fabric Width: Approx. 44 in.
  • Yards Remaining: 6
  • $4.99 /yard

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