• REM-FD-0903 (100% Cotton)
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  • REM-FD-0903 (100% Cotton)

Sweet Land of Liberty by Sandy Lynam Clough for P&B Textiles. This fabric is so pretty, but difficult to show the pattern in a scan. There are two American flags repeating across the width of the fabric with the stars in the squares centered in the middle. Each flag has words running across the white stripe such as: "Let freedom ring", "One nation under God", "Land of the Pilgrim's pride" and "God Shed his grace on thee". The background for the flags looks as if it's chalked. It's really different in the best possible way!


5/8 yard (24.5 inches)

REM-FD-0903 (100% Cotton)

  • Brand: P&B
  • Product Code: REM-FD-0903
  • $3.75 /each

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