About SpareFabric, LLC

A Little Background on SpareFabric.com

Recently, I found myself in the challenging position of trying to manage a demanding full-time job while taking on the responsibility of caring for my aging parents.  After careful consideration I made the difficult decision to leave work to help my parents with their advancing health issues. Thankfully, leaving my career also brought new opportunitues to sew, which I have enjoyed for most of my life.  My love affair with creating from fabric was born with my first 8th grade sewing project in Home Economics class.  It helped that my mother was a sewer who encouraged me to tackle new projects, even when the task of poking a needle and thread through fabric seemed daunting.  No matter how long it took, or how many seams I had to rip out, the end result was always rewarding.  So when a friend invited me to take a quilting class with her, I was eager to explore yet another new avenue for letting those creative juices flow.  My first ever quilt was a king-size log cabin – talk about overly ambitious!

Now here I am 15 or so years later, retired with time to sew and indulge my passion for fabric. How lucky am I!  My son thinks so, too.  Coincidentally, he happened to call one day as I was arriving home from a visit to my local quilt store. I began telling him how excited I was with my purchases, what I found and what I hoped to make with the fabrics I bought.  He listened with as much enthusiasm as he could muster, I’m sure.  I continued sharing with him how much I always wanted to own my own quilt store, but with the responsibilities of caring for my parents, we recognized it would not be feasible to work away from home in a traditional “brick and mortar” shop.  By the end of our conversation, my son had proposed the idea of creating an online fabric store with me, and that’s how SpareFabric was born.   Since that day we have been working diligently together to help make my dream a reality.  He set up the storefront and is handling the technical aspects of the business while I work on inventory, marketing, and sales. What a great team we turned out to be!

Why SpareFabric.com?

SpareFabric was created with the goal of providing quality fabrics at prices that beat out many online retailers and individuals selling their remnants. All of our fabric is new and straight off the bolt. We do not pre-wash or condition our fabrics in any way; they are cut and stored in a smoke-free environment. We are certain you will appreciate the condition of our fabrics when they arrive to you in air-tight packaging. It is our aim to continuously add quality fabrics to our inventory so our online visitors and loyal customers will have a reason to return often.

Thank you for taking a few moments to read about us and for exploring the products we offer.  We realize that our success as a small company can only come from earning your happiness and loyalty. We truly hope we can meet your needs so you will come back and enjoy many more shopping experiences here at SpareFabric.com.



Steve here. I would also like to take a moment to thank you for being a part of my mother's "adventure in fabric". :-)  While it is true that I'm helping with the technical side of things, as mentioned above, I also work directly with Maggie to help source the fabrics that will ultimately be offered to you.  As one who is becoming very familiar with the various fabric types and qualities out there, I am seeing obvious differences between the high-quality products that Maggie finds compared to those sold through retail venues. It is also important to note that while we offer inexpensive fabric, it does not mean any of the fabrics are cheap or substandard in any way.  I am very impressed with our suppliers and the quality of every print we've offered so far, whether it is a name brand or from a smaller textile mill. We do our best to convey that quality to you while you browse by scanning our fabrics at over 600dpi and presenting you with extreme closeups of each product we offer.  Please consider us with confidence!

Thanks again for being here,